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Evoluzione della razza
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Country of origin: Japan

Classification ICF: group 5 (Spitz and dogs of primitivo type)

section 5 (Spitz and razze analogous)

Originally, all Japanese races were of small ransom or medium and races of great size did not exist. From 1603 in the region of Akita, the Akita Matagi (dogs of medium ransom for hunting to the bear) were used like dogs from combat. From the 1868 the Akita Matagi was intercrosses with Tosa and the Mastiff ones. Consequently the ransom of this race increased and the characteristics associated with the type spitz were lost.

In 1908 the combat of the dogs was forbidden, however this race was improved as Japanese race of great ransom. It was therefore that nine wonderful exemplary of this race were declares Natural Monuments to you in 1931. During Second World war (1939-1945) it was common to use the dogs like source of fur for the military apparel. The police ordered the capture and the seizure of all the dogs except the German shepherds who were used for military scopes. Some passionate tried to contravvenire to the order being intercrossed their dogs with the German shepherds.

When the second world war ended, the Akita had been drastically reduced of number and existed in three distinguished types: 1) Akita Patagi, 2) Akita from combat and 3) Akita from shepherdesses. This created one situation much confusing for the race. After the war, during the process of restoration of the pure race, Kongo-go, a dog of the Dewa line, whose characteristics showed the infuence of the Mastiff and the Shepherdesses German, had a short period of enormous fame.

However sensitive and passionate erudite did not approve this type as true and own Japanese race therefore crossings with the Akita Matagi with the scope were strained to eliminate the blood of strangers race being made to re-establish the original pure race. They succeeded therefore to establish the pure line of the race of great ransom known to ours days .

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