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The imperial Akita

It is narrated that Yuryaku Emperor (457-479 d.C.) saw, passing for a village, a house much similar to its palace, furious it gave order to immediately set on fire and destroy the house, nothing had to remain. The deprived of hope owner not knowing like making to change idea to the Emperor, thought about giving him one of its puppies , taken beautifulst and donated its getlteman. The Emperor remained therefore hit from the beauty of those puppie that granted the grace stopping the given order, the house was saves. Those puppies (ancestors of akita) becames member of the court. When one addressed to an Imperial Akita was of obligation to purposely use created special terms for this race; the same overseer of the dog had to use a particular dress, and the dog had to carry a leash that indicated the social state (of the dog beyond that of the owner). One of the old myths to the race is one popular legend of the Ainu (children of the dogs); the respect towards this race derives from a second legend which the Ainu people would be been born from the union between one woman and a dog. The women, when they went to the job in the fields, used to entrust their sons to a female of Akita that would watches them until their return. Still today when born a child is a lot appreciate to receive one statueof Akita synonymous of long life and good fortune.

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